Vendor Process (Procure to Pay)

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • Putting up purchase (requests, contracts, requisitions) and transferring them into purchase orders, handling Quality Assurance, and Accounts Payable (AP) before settling for cash is complex
  • Handling of amortizations and other expense recognition issues can create complications in accounting departments and ambiguity into the boardroom
  • Internal Accounting policy for the handling, treatment and recognition of the procurement process from ‘need to impact’ is littered with operational and information gaps

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    Solution Highlights

    • The “need to pay” process of a modern supply chain must be well organized and defined to ensure the right information is captured and reported all the time
    • The process and needs must be clearly defined and understood with robust KPIs supporting the users along the way
    • Users must be able to swiftly transition through a process with ease to guarantee predictability in outcomes

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