Usage of NetSuite by Team & Management Process

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • System adoption is the definitive challenge of a business system implementation
  • The full embrace of the system and the core operational and knowledge environments by all stakeholders
  • NetSuite is not the single point of truth and trusted reference point of all stakeholders, but instead a place where users ‘update records’
  • NetSuite or its current partner on record is not focused on customer needs
  • Trust breakdown usually occurs resulting to inefficiencies being apparent and manual workarounds grow in its frequency
  • As the firm becomes more automated and organized for scale, the skills needed to run the systems change

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    Solution Highlights

    • To get the most out of your investment and not expose the business to systemic risk or knowledge issues, the managed service is the ideal way to engage for long term success.
    • There are three (3) primary alternatives exist for the business to consider:

    Hiring staff, particularly remote staff, can be a real challenge to delegate, monitor, access and oversee day to day activities. Typically, the knowledge is tied up within a single resources head, and documentation is low.  When the staff change happens, the business is either held to ransom, or exposed to a huge disadvantage because the knowledge is not transferred.

    Engaging part time consultants often helps mitigate some of the issues with direct hire, but brings a significant cost and conflicted priorities, particularly if the consultants engage as project leaders, too.

    The managed service provider is only focused on performing against an established task ledger, and keeping the highest level of continuity and redundancy into the work program.

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