Sales Process (Lead to Order)

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • The “hero salesperson culture” is widely regarded as the defining challenge for businesses to grow at scale
  • Firms getting their leads to an order process in a well-organized manner, with clear gates for generating, nurturing and qualifying leads, prior to including these leads into the sales funnel and progress to an order
  • How a business prospects, nurtures and facilitates a sale with a client when considering a lead in its order sequence
  • ‘Sales is an art’ perspective is central to the management’s belief rather than the more egalitarian approach that ‘sales is a science’

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    Solution Highlights

    • Gain clarity into the processes and methods which applies based on the client’s tailor fit requirements that is critical to understanding a firm’s ability to grow
    • Perceive an approach that is ‘sales as a science’, not an art which ultimately defines a customer’s journey including what needs to be done and delivered
    • Ensure consistency defining the metrics needed to assess and govern the end-to-end process
    • Evaluate the practical actions of its salesforce and empathize with the stages in the customer journey which leads to establishing data points necessary for key metrics and utilize them as guidelines in day to day management

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