Process Health

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • Transitioning from a manual business processes to automated business systems requires employees for mindset shift
  • Unwillingness of users to expose themselves to ‘job redundancy’
  • User and Management needs are not aligned causing cumbersome or incomplete information flow through the system
  • People, process and technology do not work in unison to achieve an optimal flow of information through the system
  • The system has not evolved without the business

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    Solution Highlights

    • Cultivate a ‘business analyst’ attitude, a skillset that is rooted in designing and monitoring the digital operating processes of the business making sure to align them with the physical processes and user experience
    • Clearly understand how to make business works and where it and the industry is going – aim for the least amount of exceptions while providing the highest level of service delivery to clients
    • Own the practical issues encountered by stakeholders, and work to solve them day in and day out.  Focus and daily effort mean that issues are chipped away progressively to give the optimal result of reduced drag and optimal efficiency

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