Omni-Commerce / Business Model (Web to Order)

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • Fail to realize the importance of seamless connection of its e-commerce ‘shop front’ with its ‘brick and mortar’ show rooms of commerce
  • Ensure seamless business processes from the brick and mortar store to the e-commerce site to adopt the omni-channel model
  • A stumbling block and a missed opportunity to prepare in trading with customers in the format that they are ready to trade in
  • Understand the customer’s ‘click journey’, seamlessly integrating and analyzing customer data, remaining consistent and ensuring deeper levels of integration

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    Solution Highlights

    • Deal with a client across many different channels is the basis of omnichannel, and is driven by the core premise that a business is ready for a client when the client is ready for them.
    • Take a foresight approach (regardless of industry segment) as the customer becomes ready to the omni-channel model
    • Make organizations understand that clients are as likely to come to them through many different channels and yet they all expect the same prioritization, service and experience
    • Ensure that systems are organized in such a way that all customers are processed similarly regardless of their origin.
    • Validate the available skills to embrace the data and become one with its movement in terms of deployment

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