Dashboards & Reporting (Record to Report)

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • Presenting accurate and right financial statements in a way that releases value to management is rarely achieved nor supported by dashboard KPIs
  • Effective dashboards and accurate financial statements are the most obvious requirements of a financial system are usually overlooked leaving accounting departments with a large monthly task of errors to ‘deal’ with to achieve the necessary outcome

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    Solution Highlights

    • Financial reporting should require very little additional effort other than the users simply preparing and saving the primary transaction they are working on
    • Performing at the speed of clicks leaves little room for financial data rework – there should be confidence in the output created by users and be able to monitor for exceptional cases created when things are not done properly
    • Define the breakpoints to help pin down the exceptions, and data architecture in verifying correct financial treatment of a transaction
    • Accurate presentation of financial statement to deliver management with useful decision making basis must be considered – this constitutes effective internal controls and information systems to identify if they are compliant or not

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