Delivery Process – Services / Inventory / Work Order

Common Struggles for NetSuite usage that we can help fix:

  • Customer satisfaction is universally identified as the definitive element of referral sales or the best source of leads draws the bulk of its assessment base from the sales delivery process
  • Businesses fail to deliver high Net Promoter Score (NPS) for customer satisfaction
  • Build a base for success and mine it for rich sales referral
  • Mishandle the movement of information alongside the physical movement of people, goods, documents or materials, and swiftly identify and rectify exceptions to achieve business continuity
  • Order fulfillment issues that are bound to happen without adding corrective action quickly to minimize any harm

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    Solution Highlights

    • Success in the delivery process is the most efficient in achieving customer performance
    • Create robust systems and procedures in place for handling the operations of sales delivery and ensure that customer requirements are met
    • Track delivery performance along the way to transform the customer into a “promoter” – the leading performers treat customer delivery as the engine room of its business, closely monitoring the pitfalls where delivery is stalled, and provide a rapid feedback mechanism to manage and close the pitfall
    • Use data to ‘capture and report’ operational KPIs
    • Utilize Customer Satisfaction Surveys to isolate performance outcomes and seamlessly escalate poor surveys into a helpdesk for follow-up and action

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