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Our Solutions To Common NetSuite Challenge Areas

With years of industry experience, our team has identified key challenge areas our clients usually encounter with the NetSuite platform. In order to propose solutions today that easily scale for tomorrow.

We work with your organization to identify gaps in your business processes and ensure that we are aware of your needs.

We outlined some of the top process workflow challenges and discuss ways to avoid or overcome them:

Management Process

Adopting to continuous improvement with tools, systems and people skillset in reaction to a constantly evolving technology landscape are often the bottleneck for an organization dealing with NetSuite implementations.
With the daily demands of the business, many organizations find it challenging to scale and adopt innovative business processes.

Process Health

Transitioning from manual business processes to internally automating systems requires employees to a shift in mindset and a change in everyday work processes which presents typical change management challenges. Acquiring automation components that allow them to experiment with the process can lead to a deeper understanding of the application and greater knowledge of the variables involved can be the main challenge in training resources and adapting to it.

Sales Process

Businesses usually overlook in managing their sales pipelines, not being able to review the entire sales process, from sales admin to following up. There is no established sales management process and no accountability, which often leads to poor sales performance within the organization.


The commercial world has been transformed over the past decades to embrace e-commerce. This digital transformation is expected to continue in the next decades. Data is the new oil, and e-commerce is data-driven.

Delivery Process

Possibly the most crucial and also challenging aspect of order fulfillment is making sure that your customer experience is optimal from the moment they place their order to the moment it arrives at their doorstep. Any hiccups in this process can damage a business’ reputation and hurt future sales. Some customer fulfillment issues are bound to happen, but by adding corrective action quickly will be the key to minimizing any harm.

Customer Commitment Delivery

There are many strategies that govern measuring customer satisfaction (CSat), but, overlooking the fundamentals of how to measure customer satisfaction can be detrimental to your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Sales income is the starting number of profit, and a number that firms cannot often rely on without lots of ‘manual massaging’ and reclassification of data by finance users. An efficient recognition of revenue has caused more issues to clients than in any other areas of concern.

Vendor Process Management

The internal controls related to effective procurement can be tricky for firms to master. Tracking the process from need to payment is simple and often needs a myriad of excel sheets to support the decision making process.

Dashboards & Reporting

The single largest challenge customers face is the need to rework or reclassify transactions after they have been saved. Saving a transaction has a cost of reprocessing it, regardless whether it is done automatically or manually. It can potentially be a huge drag as many customers are knowledgeable about this type of transactions.

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